Looped Flogger in Metallic Green and Purple Leather

Looped Flogger in Metallic Green and Purple Leather


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This is for a metallic foil purple and green leather looped flogger. It has 40 Loops which equals 80falls cut at 1/2" wide and 13" in length. The total length is 22" and it weighs in at 1lb 5ozlbs.

Looped Falls? Why? What do they do? I will try and explain.

No matter your experience level, everyone wraps occasionally. A wrap is where a fall goes where you aren't intending it to, over a shoulder or around the side. Most people that have experienced this know that it is definitely not what they were expecting and the pain is quite a bit more than they were ready for. Looped falls cancel out the energy at the end which makes a wrap more manageable. It also make for a more thuddy flogger since the energy transferred stays in the mass of the falls instead of the tips. excellent for beginners and experts alike. They are unique looking so you may quite possibly be the only person in your play party who has one.