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These are stingers, carbon fiber rods with a bite. They are 8" long, wrapped in either hemp or microcord, different wrap colors are available. They have a bee charm at the end of the handle and make excellent hair spikes.

That is the end of their cuteness.

These little gems have a bite when used "properly". Hold the stinger parallel with whatever you are intending to mark, grasp the handle firmly and pull the unwrapped end back, let it go and...wait for it...they have "legs" i.e. it may take a moment for the pain to catch up to the brain, so after a second or two you will be rewarded with various reactions. Including, but not limited to, swear words and/or screams of agony/ecstasy. A few seconds later a nice stripe will bloom on whatever area you decided to mark.

**Hint, if you make an X or cross two stripes there may possibly be a button i.e. a spot that can be pushed to induce a rush of endorphins, that can last for days.


Word of caution, like most things in life these toys are very strong but not indestructible if you bend them too far they will break. Start slow and practice. Make sure you have the informed consent of anyone you intend using these on.

Please use these with caution and at your own risk on consenting adults.

As these are made to order please message me with what you are interested in and we can talk details.

Wonderful little toy, it’s wonderful for disabled tops who don’t have the upper arm strength to swing a cane, but still want to make an impression.

Quick shipping and great quality. Can't wait to use it

Love it! Exactly as described and small enough to conceal and a hair holder upper, so it super portable. Powerful enough to remind her of how much she loves the feeling of a good sting!