Handmade Floggers, Custom Orders Available

Handmade Floggers, Custom Orders Available


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All of my floggers are handmade and unique, unless they are a matched pair. Each piece will be one of a kind. I can work in all different types of leather (cow, deer, elk, bison, pig). I can also work with rubber and exotics like horsehair. Send me a message with what you are thinking about and I will do my best to put a real tool into your hands. We can discuss different types, heavy, warmup etc... How many falls and what lengths. Color options, handle wrap variations.

Shipping cost will be slightly different for each flogger depending on weight.

The floggers pictured are:
The first is a 24" 46 fall deerskin. Very soft and sensual.
The second is a 21" 200 fall pigskin. Very light and soft but thuddy at the same time.