Kinkfest 2020 Themed Flogger 10 of 11

Kinkfest 2020 Themed Flogger 10 of 11


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Since there was a Kinkfest that didn't happen, Why shouldn't there be a Limited Edition Series that will never happen again? This limited edition features the pin from Kinkfest 2020. There are only 11 of these in existence. Each flogger in this series is numbered on one of the yellow falls, which is inside the others so that it will never wear off. I will not be making any more of these. These are made with the permission of Kinkfest and The Portland Leather Alliance.

These Floggers are made from Italian leather and are all within .5oz of each other in total weight. There are 7 colors in the 1/2 in falls, 10 red, 10 orange, 10 yellow, 10 green, 10 blue , 10 purple and because numerology is a thing 11 black falls to wrap them up for a total of 71 falls at 17" long. They are 25" in total length and weigh within half an ounce of 1lb and 1oz each. The handle is a basic black weave of Italian leather over weighted and balanced oak. The whole package is finished off with my signature pineapple knots.

This is number ten out of eleven.

All of our floggers come with a storage bag.