A little about our story. (Pictures are of the very first flogger I made for sale. I like to think my skills have kept improving, although that is a very nice and heavy pig suede flogger.)

Simple but not basic. Real toys meant to be used. Real toys for real players. Real toys that will bring a tear to the eye. Real toys that will bring a scream to the lips. Real toys that will take the breath away. Real toys for the bottom to both love and hate. Real toys that beg to be used often. Play begins in the mind, the imaginings of those involved. No matter what kind of play it is the one thing that you have to do is Breathe. Toys from stingy, to thuddy and beyond. Custom orders are always welcome. Leather, wood and more. Have questions? Please ask. Email breathetoysandmore [!at] gmail.com.

A word about my floggers;
A large number of them are made from larger scrap pieces that I get from my local leather shops. What does that mean to those buying them? It means that the majority of my floggers can’t be reproduced. Or at least there would only be probably one other similar and I wouldn’t duplicate them i.e. different wraps or knots. They are one of a kind. The odds say that you will never be at a party or event and see your flogger in someone else’s hand. Your toys will stand out. Your toys will help you to stand out. 

If you look at my floggers you will hopefully notice that something is missing from them. Most people put a strap on their floggers. I don’t. I don’t like straps, I feel that they get in the way and are annoying during play causing unneeded distraction. If a strap is needed to hang your toy (The recommended way) I can provide a leather thong that can be slipped over the heel knot for storage and if needed can be looped around the wrist if you fear your grip may slip. My handles and the wraps I put on them are very grip friendly and the large heel knot works very well for preventing random floggers flying across the dungeon. 

Last but definitely not least,
I do custom orders; there is an additional fee for those in addition to any extra or unusual materials. Also, custom orders take more time to do because, well, they are custom…If you have any questions about anything that I make or that you might want made, please send a message. I love a challenge, that’s how we learn.

Thank You
Emmett Rise
Breathe Toys

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