Boxes of not so random scrap leather

Boxes of not so random scrap leather

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Just as promised, these are boxes of random leftover scrap leather. Cost is minimal plus the rate for a flat rate usps box included in the price. I will do my best to sort them into like types of leather and colors. But it is scrap. I use what I can so most of the pieces are not that large. They do smell nice though. I will only have 5 available at a time so I can post two pics for each box. REMEMBER THESE ARE SCRAPS OF VARIOUS SIZES. Thx

Box 1 Rainbow, dyed from the flesh side. White deer, blue and red chrometan and some black and pink pig suede

Box 2 Red bison and cow, mustard bison, purple cow. Chocolate heavier chrometan and some black chrometan

Box 3 Red, green and white chrometan, the white had some stains but it will hold dye fine. Black shrunken bison, pink suede and purple deer

Box 4 Red and black latigo and black belly

Box 5 Metallic pink and silver Larger pieces of red and purple chrometan cow. Purple deer. Red, green lavender red and black chrometan.

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So many pieces! I’m thrilled with no clue what to do with them except bask in the scent of leather. That’s plenty, but I’ll find some way to use them too, if only for delicious decorations.