Boxes of not so random scrap leather

Boxes of not so random scrap leather


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Just as promised, these are boxes of random leftover scrap leather. Cost is minimal plus the rate for a flat rate usps box included in the price. I will do my best to sort them into like types of leather and colors. But it is scrap. I use what I can so most of the pieces are not that large. They do smell nice though. I will only have 5 available at a time so I can post two pics for each box. REMEMBER THESE ARE SCRAPS OF VARIOUS SIZES. Thx

Box 1 Rainbow, dyed from the flesh side. White deer, blue and red chrometan and some black and pink pig suede

Box 2 Red bison and cow, mustard bison, purple cow. Chocolate heavier chrometan and some black chrometan

Box 3 Red, green and white chrometan, the white had some stains but it will hold dye fine. Black shrunken bison, pink suede and purple deer

Box 4 Red and black latigo and black belly

Box 5 Metallic pink and silver Larger pieces of red and purple chrometan cow. Purple deer. Red, green lavender red and black chrometan.