Soft Black Leather Flogger

Soft Black Leather Flogger


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Introducing our all-black soft leather flogger, designed for indulgent thuddy play or gentle sensation exploration. Crafted from luxuriously soft leather, this flogger is ready to deliver an exquisite experience with every touch. Weighing a mere 12 ounces, it's lightweight and perfect for prolonged sessions.

Featuring 32 falls cut to a width of 1/2 inch, each measuring 15 inches in length, this flogger offers generous coverage and a satisfying impact. With a total length of 25 inches, including the handle, it provides excellent control and maneuverability.

Whether you're seeking intense thuddy sensations or delicate caresses, our soft leather flogger is versatile enough to fulfill your desires. Embrace the possibilities and elevate your play with this elegant and enticing instrument.