Mean Through Jeans slapper

Mean Through Jeans slapper

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Meet our compact but impactful Neoprene Slapper – a stout 11" with a 1" width and a paracord wrap in various colors. Aptly named, this mean toy delivers its punch effortlessly through jeans; minimal force, maximum impact.

Perfect for the sadist/masochist, it's pocket-sized for on-the-spot discipline. The essence of surprise in its minimalist design makes it a must-have. Keep this one handy for those intense moments.

Caution is key. Please use this toy responsibly and at your own risk on consenting adults.

Lives up to its name. And rather brutal on bare skin. I love that she dreads it.

Order is a gift, haven’t used item yet.

I couldnt be happier with my purchase.

The item was a little smaller than anticipated. Guess I need to read product descriptions a little better.