Mean Through Jeans slapper

Mean Through Jeans slapper


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This is a heavy but short rubber slapper, it has a paracord wrap available in most paracord colors. It's 11" long and 1" wide. As the name implies, this toy is literally mean through jeans, it doesn't require much force to get the hoped-for result. The more force applied... You get the idea.

Just a basic slapper for the sadist/masochist in your life. Small enough to fit in your pocket for on-the-spot discipline. Minimalist enough to take the new by surprise. Keep this one handy.


Please use this toy with caution and at your own risk on consenting adults.

It’s awesome! Way heftier than it looks and exactly how I want it to be. The smell is strong out the box but that’s just the nature of the item material and should dissipate.