Quick Cuffs

Quick Cuffs


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Ever need a set of wrist restraints and don't have your toy bag close to hand? What if you were wearing them already? What if they could be worn as a fashion accessory in the vanilla world? Meet the "Quick Cuff". You only need one. Simply slide both hands into the slit in the middle and then fold the ends over the back, push the buttons into the holes, and VOILA. Restraints.

These are a headspace cuff, not a fighting cuff. It is possible to tear out of these but it will require a lot of effort.

Different sizes are available, Please measure your wrist with a finger thickness under the measuring tape and message me the measurement.

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Absolutely beautiful! The blue is light and icy; The fit it perfect and the feel is a delight.

Beautiful, sturdy crafsmanship, as always. ♡